NVIDIA Fermi GF100 Will Support 32X MSAA

MSAA - GeForce GTX 295
32X MSAA for the GeForce GTX 295

The forthcoming Fermi / GT100 will support a new 32X MSAA mode (single GPU).

Currently, GeForce supports MSAA up to 16X and dual-GPU boards like the GTX 295 offers a 32X mode.

Maybe we can expect a 64X MSAA for the dual-GPU version of Fermi based graphics cards…

5 thoughts on “NVIDIA Fermi GF100 Will Support 32X MSAA”

  1. Tayga

    dude iv had x32 opengl on my asus silent 9600 gt but it was a few driver versions ago :< horray for for v. 3.2.0 but this laptop ati express 200m has 1.1.0 XP

  2. Korvin77

    how about speed? I can enable 8x+EdgeDetect on my 4850 too (like 24x) but I never use it except I play in very old games 😉

  3. KevinRulz

    wat would be better… more than cappy 8 lights in ogl.

    when the gonna fix that????

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