ZoomGPU SDK 1.3.0


ZoomGPU, the graphics system detection engine behind GPU Caps Viewer has been updated. This new version adds OpenCL support, updates the GPU database and fixes some bugs in OpenGL context creation and multisampling.

ZoomGPU is a simple C++ SDK that helps developers to retrieve graphics cards related data such renderer description, display driver version, OpenGL and OpenCL support or GPU temperature.

ZoomGPU is very simple to use. Here are the 4 steps to use it:

1 – Include ZoomGPU header:

#include <ZoomGPU.h>

2 – Startup ZoomGPU:


3 – Retrieve data:

const char* gpu = ZoomGPU::getInstance()->getGpuCodename();
float gpuTemp = ZoomGPU::getInstance()->readGPUTemperature(0);

4 – Stop ZoomGPU:


ZoomGPU is available for 100.- euros. The SDK includes the header file (.h) , the static library (.lib) and a Visual C++ 2005 project example.

Currently ZoomGPU is only available for C++ users but if you need a wrapper for C, Visual Basic or Pascal applications, I can write it. Just contact me.