NVIDIA GF100 Fermi SLI Pictured


Here are some buzz-pictures of a two GF100 in SLI (and the guy with his thumb up is Tom Petersen, NVIDIA’s director of technical marketing). GF100 is the codename for the first GeForce GPU based on the Fermi architecture.


And here is the GT100 in action with the Unigine Heaven DX11 benchmark:

NVIDIA GF100 Fermi  + Unigine Heaven DX11

I hope these pictures are not fake just to make some buzz around the one-day-it-will-be-there graphics card. We have to be mistrustful with the dark side of marketing…


3 thoughts on “NVIDIA GF100 Fermi SLI Pictured”

  1. tayga

    probably not fake since i see a small dip on the side unless the 200 series had thos?

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  3. rommel

    why is the marketing guy wearing an apple logo on his shirt? this is a pc product he is showing off dammit!

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