Radeon HD 5670 Redwood Pictured and GPU-Zed

Radeon HD 5670

Here are some specs of the upcoming Radeon HD 5670 based on the Redwood GPU: 400 stream processors or 80 vec5 units, 16 ROPs, core clock: 775MHz, memory clock: 1000MHz and 1024MB GDDR5 of graphics memory.

Radeon HD 5670 + GPU-Z

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3 thoughts on “Radeon HD 5670 Redwood Pictured and GPU-Zed”

  1. payne

    I have one, the real stats are Pixel fillrate 6.2 GPixel/s and texture fillrate 15.5 Gtexel/s, 8 ROPs and release date is Jan 14, 2010, but the rest is true.

  2. redwoodz

    Mine runs at pixel fill rate-16.4 GPixels/s
    texture fillrate @ 41.0 GTexels/s
    16 ROPS-627m transistors
    memory bandwith 79.6 GB/s
    of course thats @ 1025/1250 clocks

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