OpenCL and GPU Computing Industry News


1 – OpenCL Videos

A simple Mandelbrot rendering demo written in OpenCL. Running at 1024×768 on an Intel Q6600 with an ATI HD4870 as GPU.

This is an audio-synced offline rendering of one of Apple’s Quartz Composer OpenCL code sample’s Aurora.

Flow around a sphere with Sailfish
The 2D flow around a sphere is simulated using the Sailfish solver (an Open Source implementation of the Lattice-Boltzmann method using CUDA/OpenCL). The colors depict fluid vorticity. A von Karman vortex street is clearly visible once the flow is fully developed.

2 – Industry News

  • AMD teams up with SiSoft on OpenCL benchmark – LINK
  • Another GPGPU MD5 cracker – LINK
  • New GPU Computing website – LINK
  • DirectCompute Benchmark 0.35 adds OpenCL – LINK
  • For french readers, the last issue of Developpez Mag includes a chapter on CUDA programming – LINK
  • Fast random number generator: Mersenne Twister for Graphic Processors (MTGP) in CUDA – LINK
  • Technology Sneek Peek: Adobe Mercury Playback Engine – LINK