GPU-Z 0.3.8 Available

GPU-Z - GeForce 9600 GT

A new update of GPU-Z is out. GPU-Z is a tiny video card information utility. This new version fixes some bugs and adds the display of NVIDIA GPU load sensors (GPU, memory and video acceleration engine).

As usual, I tested the compatibility with FurMark because if GPU-Z is detected, FurMark displays GPU-Z data like GPU core and memory clocks.

GPU-Z and FurMark

Seems the GPU load sensor is not properly refreshed: the value remains at 0 while the graph is at 100%. Maybe it’s a bug related to the 9600 GT video card I’ve used to test GPU-Z.

You can grab your copy HERE.


  • Added framework for translations in GPU-Z, to do that we need your help. Please go to to submit contributions in your language
  • Added sensors to monitor GPU load percentages on NVIDIA
  • Fixed startup on Windows 2000 (DLL not found)
  • Improved detection/added sensors for ATI M86
  • Fixed several NVAPI crashes
  • Fixed crash when PhysX not available
  • GPU-Z can now be set in its system menu to be always on top of other windows

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