NVIDIA GeForce 310: A GeForce 210 Renamed or An Error ???

NVIDIA GeForce 310

NVIDIA GeForce 210

This is a really surprising news: NVIDIA has just added (and silently…) a new product: the GeForce 310. And this GeForce 310 is exactly the same product than the GeForce 210 (the GeForce 310 has the same specs than the GeForce 210). Is it an error or is it intentional ? Sounds a nasty marketing trick because NVIDIA has currently nothing to face AMD’s Radeon HD 5000 series…

8 thoughts on “NVIDIA GeForce 310: A GeForce 210 Renamed or An Error ???”

  1. anonymous

    NVIDIA status :
    ☐ NOT TOLD
    ☑ TOLD

    NVIDIA, the way it meant to be rebranded.

  2. Korvin77

    yes 300 series but only available in prebuilt (OEM) systems. haha

  3. tai kucing

    I heard NVIDIA will release Dual GTX 285 like ASUS MARS 4GB edition. So what will be its name? GTX 299? lol

  4. Chris

    In January of 2010, I went to purchase a video card for a cheap Dell computer so I didn’t want to spend alot of money. I purchased a Nvidia Geforce 210 and took the box home. Later that evening, when opened the box inside was the Geforce 310. The 210 and 310 are the same card. I put it in the computer and it worked perfectly, well …. at least that is for about a week. The new fan used on the video card began to squeal very loudly. It was so loud that it even made my dog howl. I know this sometimes happens when fans get old, but c’mon, one week! How cheap can Nvidia get? I replaced the video card with a 260 series card. If I get the same problem with this card I will switch to ATI.

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