(Demoscene) Blunderbuss Direct3D Demo With One Million Particles

Blunderbuss Direct3D Demo - particles

Blunderbuss is a prod made by the demogroup Fairlight. This is a Direct3D 9 demo focused on particles. The large number (about 1 million) particles are rendered with realism (light + shadows, fluid dynamics). And guess what? All these particles are sorted for proper shading…

Smash, the main coder of Fairlight has published its vision of a modern particle system.

Blunderbuss Direct3D Demo - particles

Blunderbuss Direct3D Demo - particles

On my current system (AMD X2 3800+ / Radeon HD 5770) the average FPS was around 20…

If you can’t see this demo in realtime, here is a video:

9 thoughts on “(Demoscene) Blunderbuss Direct3D Demo With One Million Particles”

  1. Cris


    On my system (q6600, win7, Radeon HD 4870, all little bit oc)

    23-30 FPS

  2. iWafer

    Cool =)
    My system: C2D E8400 @ 4.05Ghz, Gf Gtx260, Ram 4Gb, Os Windows XP, Res. 1280×1024

    Min frames: 20
    Avg: 26
    Max: 38

  3. Athlonite

    i’ll be back just need to stop F@H to watch this i’ll report fps i get on my system

    athlon x2 7750be
    HIS hd5770fan
    4GB ddr2-1066

  4. Athlonite

    wow that was smooth

    50min 65avg 78max 1280×1024 4xaa vsync off

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  7. 4130

    WIN XP 32 PRO
    3GB DDR2
    1440×900 4AA V off Q High 30fps

  8. Radeon123

    Runs great on newer hardware. Very nice demo.

    Windows 7 Pro SP1
    Core i7 2700k 3.5ghz-3.9ghz (stock)
    GTX 680 2gb (stock)
    16gb DDR3 1600

    Ran it at 1920×1080 4xaa, max quality, VSYNC off.

    Averaged around 65fps. Maxed out at 73fps and never dropped below 58fps.

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