[GeeXLab] YI King Video Game Preview

This is a video of a small game made with GeeXLab. I haven’t had yet the time to review and release the game (I’ll do it asap) but it sounds good.

This game a is simplified YI King simulation scripted in Lua and uses PhysX for… physics! The Yi King is an ancient Chinese system of divination. Throw two sticks and interpret the result to discover your future!

3 thoughts on “[GeeXLab] YI King Video Game Preview”

  1. Alex

    Nice 🙂

    What tool You used to record video of game window ?
    I would like to post my game progress on GeeXlab forum.

  2. JeGX Post Author

    I don’t know with which tool the author has used. But you can use FRAPS to record a video. The free version of FRAPS allows you to record up to 30 sec. of video.

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