GeeXLab 0.1.10 Available with Python 2.6.3


A new version of GeeXLab is ready.

You can download it here:

For a detailed presentation of GeeXLab, visit this page.

GeeXLab installer now includes the Python 2.6.3 installer (because you can’t launch GeeXLab if you don’t have a valid Python 2.6 installation). Python 2.6.3 is linked to VC++ 2008 runtimes (download link below) and if these runtimes are not properly installed you will see this cryptic message:

Error 0xc0150002

You can decide to install or not install Python depending on your system. I removed all Python and NVIDIA PhysX related DLLs from GeeXLab folder. So to make a clean install of GeeXLab, it’s recommended to install Python 2.6.3 and PhysX System Software. PhysX runtimes are automatically installed with the ForceWare display drivers like 191.07.

I added 3 new code samples:


  • New: added SetInstanceRenderState() and GetInstanceRenderState() to HYP_Mesh (Python / Lua).
  • Change: updated Python 2.6.3
  • Change: when the 3D window is minimized (width=0 and height=0), the rendering of the scene is not done anymore (that includes post rendering scripts). That allows to fix a bug with PyOPenGL: when 3D window is minimized, post rendering scripts that contain PyOpenGL code have a runtime error…
  • Bugfix: fixed a crash in HYP_Object.Clone() (model and mesh).
  • Bugfix: fixed a small error in the update of model bounding volume.

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