NVIDIA Fermi: PhysX Destruction Demo from GPU Technology Conference

Fermi and PhysX demoed during Jen-Hsun Huang’s Keynote on the first day of GTC. The goal was to try and construct a wall similar to how it may be constructed on a movie set and break it apart in a realistic manor in real-time. In this scenario we chose to throw ragdolls at it to fracture and splinter bits and pieces off. The demo uses PhysX 2.8.3 and a beta release of APEX Destruction.

2 thoughts on “NVIDIA Fermi: PhysX Destruction Demo from GPU Technology Conference”

  1. FUDA

    Oouch! It must be hurt. This is what NVidia will did to the employee when the company lose to ATI XD
    What’s the title of this game? Maybe I’ll play this when I stress

  2. Sultan

    I dont think so, neither NVIDIA.
    May be ATI employee are switching to any other companies just for saving their asses.(Afraid of standing infront of Bigboss!!!!!!!!!!!ha ha ha)

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