NVIDIA SLI on all Motherboards via Software Modification!

SLI on all motherboards

If you have a motherboard with two PCI-Express slots you can now enjoy NVIDIA SLI even if you don’t have a NVIDIA chipset. Russian hackers at xDevs provide a detailed HowTo about activating SLI on all motherboards. Technically SLI can be enabled on all motherboards even on a motherboard with an AMD chipset.

Thanks to a simplified verification procedure in NVIDIA display drivers for X58-based motherboards, these graphics hackers have developed a method to hack SLI verification routine using text strings and identifiers (X58 chipsets support both NVIDIA SLI and AMD Crossfire). In a word, the hack consists in spoofing the NVIDIA display driver by sending the X58 chipset identification and updating the DSDT table (DSDT = Differentiated System Description Table – this table contains the Differentiated Definition Block, which supplies the information and configuration information about the base system) with the certificate of compatibility with SLI (SLIC certificate). The DSDT table update is done via a Windows registry tweaking using ASUS’s SLIC certificate.

Here is an example of a SLIC Certificate:

987134512781Genuine NVIDIA Certified SLI Ready Motherboard 
for ASUS RAMPAGE II EXT 3287-Copyright 2008 NVIDIA Corporation 
All Rights Reserved-765289891023 (R) 


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