GLView 3.14 with OpenGL 3.2 Support

GLView 3.14
GLView 3.14 and a GeForce GTS 250

GLView, the famous OpenGL extensions viewer, is available in version 3.14. You can download it HERE.

– OpenGL 3.1 and OpenGL 3.2 detections.
– OpenGL 3.0 rendering test (Forward Context).
– Updated database with fixes.
– Updated Core Features Set for version 3.1 to 3.2.

GLView 3.14
GLView 3.14 and OpenGL extensions list

GLView 3.14
GLView 3.14 and a Radeon HD 4850

I tried the OpenGL 3.0 rendering test but without success (freeze) on the GeForce GTS 250 with ForceWare 190.56. But it worked fine on the Radeon HD 4850 with Catalyst 9.8:

GLView 3.14
GLView 3.14 and OpenGL 3.0 test

Funny, it’s one of the first times I see an OpenGL test that runs well on ATI and fails on NVIDIA (maybe it’s also a bug in the GLView code…).


3 thoughts on “GLView 3.14 with OpenGL 3.2 Support”

  1. Stefan

    OpenGL 3.0 rendering test works now with Forceware 190.57, which exposes a bunch of new extensions.

  2. Ownz_Mag3

    Cool, I’ll look into this a little later. BTW, what does JeGX stand for? Makes me think of Jagex.

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