High Definition Ambient Occlusion (HDAO)

DX11 demo - High Definition Ambient Occlusion - HDAO
HDAO enabled

High Definition Ambient Occlusion or HDAO is a new ambient occlusion technique we’ll see when AMD DirectX 11 graphics cards will be available. Both screenshots come from AMD DX11 SDK but I don’t know if HDAO is a driver feature (like ambient occlusion in ForceWare) or a post processing shader that exploits new functions. Without HDAO, the demo runs at around 188 FPS (2560×1600) and with HDAO the FPS drops under 20!

DX11 demo
HDAO disabled


6 thoughts on “High Definition Ambient Occlusion (HDAO)”

  1. dex

    The performance is really a lame. Meanwhile, image reality is not boosted much.
    The performance test is not performed on highend card since it turns out to be too bandwidth limited.

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  3. Luan

    I see this feature on battlefield bad company 2 i turned on and i dont see any diference on the frames per second.

  4. demin85

    bad company 2 uses HBAO, not HDAO. HDAO is way more realistic (most realistic occlusion ever)

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