PyOpenGL 3.0.1a3 Available



A new version of PyOpenGL is available. This version 3.0.1a3 has been released yesterday.
PyOpenGL is the cross platform Python binding to OpenGL API. So you can code directly in OpenGL without the need of a C/C++ compiler. I tested PyOpenGL in GeeXLab and it works fine

You can download the latest version of PyOpenGL HERE.

How to install it? It’s simple: open a dos box in PyOpenGL folder, and type:

python install

That’s all 😉


  • Bug report from Joshua Davis, the alternate function is using the wrong operation to do validity queries, apparently ARB->core didn’t keep the function name constant here.
  • Provide a Python 2.5+ context manager for shader programs created by compileShader()
  • Add Python 2.5+ context-manager method to vbo.VBO objects.
  • Make the two functions visible on imports