Equalizer 0.9 Available for Parallel and Scalable OpenGL Applications

Equalizer 0.9

Equalizer 0.9 is available and can be downloaded HERE.

Equalizer is a middleware that allows the creation and deployment of parallel and scalable OpenGL applications. With Equalizer you can use several GPUs (actually all available GPUs in the local computer and in all OpenGL-capable computers in the network!) to perform the realtime 3D rendering.

Main new features of version 0.9:

  • Automatic cross-segment load-balancing for multi-display installations
  • Dynamic Frame Resolution (DFR) for constant framerate rendering
  • Compression Plugin API for runtime-loadable image compression engines

For a more complete descrption of new features, jump HERE.

To take advantage of Equalizer, it’s better to have professional graphics cards like NVIDIA Quadro. Some of the new features require NVIDIA Quadro like the support for hardware swapbuffer synchronization via the WGL_NV_swap_group OpenGL extension. But wait a minute: WGL_NV_swap_group is exposed by Catalyst display drivers: Catalyst 8.12 or Catalyst 9.7. A Radeon HD 4850 supports this advanced OpenGL feature and not my GeForce GTX 295. Crazy world!


More news about Equalizer: Equalizer @ Geeks3D.com

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