OpenGL 3.2 and GLSL 1.5 Quick Reference Card


OpenGL 3.2 reference card

For all OpenGL developers: Khronos has published an OpenGL 3.2 and GLSL 1.5 reference card in 8-page PDF document.

You can download it here:



2 thoughts on “OpenGL 3.2 and GLSL 1.5 Quick Reference Card”

  1. Shy Shalom

    Is there some page which gives explanations of how one could implement deprecated functionality in OpenGL 3.2?

  2. insertz

    there backward compatibility mode when u create opengl 3.x context. by default i think is core profile (which means pure opengl 3.x without deprecated functions).

    if u are starting a clean ogl project or new to ogl, i think u should try to understand core profile.

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