Blender 2.5 Release Date Announced

The Blender Fondation unveiled at Siggraph 2009, the new features of version 2.5 of my favorite software as well as the planned release date for it, which should be in October, during the 8th annual Blender Conference in Amsterdam.

Features Highlights:

  • New Animation System : everything is now animatable!
  • New NLA editor
  • Totally redesigned UI: every windows stays responsive and updated even during rendering now!
  • It is possible to record macros to repeat a task.
  • New Search engine to find all you want with a few characters
  • New Python Scripting API, that allows use of the new generic data and tool APIs
  • Blender UI entirely scripted making it easy to customize or extend
  • Fully customizable keyboard Shortcuts

for those of you that can’t wait untill October, you can still download a beta version here!