ATI FirePro V8750 3D Workstation Graphics Card

ATI FirePro V8750

ATI FirePro V8750 is AMD’s new high end professional graphics card and is the successor of ATI FirePro V8700. This card is based on the same GPU than Radeon HD 4850 or HD 4870. FirePro V8750 comes with customized drivers to accelerate 3D modeling applications (Autocad, 3D Studio, etc.). This card targets NVIDIA’s Quadro FX 4800 (the Quadro Quadro FX 4800 is not the most powerful professional card: NVIDIA’s flagship is the Quadro FX 5800 you can have for about $3,500 USD…).

ATI FirePro V8750 main features

  • GPU: RV770 @ 750MHz / 55nm
  • Shader Cores: 800 scalars
  • Memory: 2048Mb GDDR5 @ 900MHz DDR5 / 256-bit
  • 3D APIs: OpenGL 3 and Direct3D 10.1 (Shader Model 4.1)
  • Connectors: one DVI, two DisplayPort and two 6-pin PCIe power connection
  • Price: $1,799 USD
  • TDP: 150 Watts

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