GPU Programming: CUDA 2.3 SDK Available


NVIDIA has just released the new version of the CUDA SDK. For more information about the new things brought by CUDA 2.3 SDK, please jump HERE.

NVIDIA has worked on the multi-GPUs side and now each GPU in an SLI group is now enumerated individually, so compute applications can now take advantage of multi-GPU performance even when SLI is enabled for graphics.

You have to install NVIDIA display drivers 190.38 to enjoy CUDA 2.3.

CUDA SDK Downloads:

CUDA Toolkit Downloads:

The toolkit contains all you need to compile CUDA applications (headers, libs, docs) and is installed by default in C:\CUDA .

The SDK contains code samples browser (binaries + source codes) and is installed by default in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA GPU Computing SDK.

Just in passing, the names toolkit and sdk are somewhat reversed. For me, a SDK (software development kit) contains the necessary files to create an application: C headers and libs…

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  1. farnaz

    Is there any other standard and popular benchmark for testing CUDA nVIDIA like linpack?

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