CPU-Z 1.52 Available With a New Graphics Tab

CPU-Z 1.52 + Graphics tab

The new version of CPU-Z is out. This version labeled 1.52 adds a new tab for graphics card information. You can read THIS POST for a quick test of the beta version.


New design with “Graphics” tab.
– New 64-bit version.
– NVIDIA nForce 980a chipset support.
– Intel Core i5 and Core i3 processors.
– Intel Atom Z530, Pentium DC E6300 (2.8GHz) and Core 2 Solo processors.
– Intel P55 and US15W chipsets preliminary support.
– AMD Phenom TWKR support.
– AMD Phenom X2 “Callisto” and Athlon X2 “Regor” processors.
– AMD Opteron 6-core “Istanbul” processor.
– Improved support for Windows 7.
– New Intel logos.