OpenAL Summer 2009 Update!


OpenAL, the cross-platform 3D audio API has been updated. New binaries and SDK are available.

  • OpenAL Binaries Installer
    Updated Summer 2009 : Version
    The OpenAL Installer for Windows will install the OpenAL 1.1 libraries, enabling support for core OpenAL operations as well as extensions such as EAX and EFX. The installer supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.
    DLL Version numbers:
    * OpenAL32.dll version 6.14.357.24
    * wrap_oal.dll version

    Changes and Bugfixes
    * Fixed bugs and improved performance of the Capture extension
    * “Generic Hardware” device returns more accurate ‘Buffers Processed’ count
    * Various performance improvements in “Generic Hardware” and “Generic Software” devices
    * Miscellanous bug fixes

  • OpenAL 1.1 Core PC SDK v3.05
    Updated Summer 2009
    The SDK includes the X-RAM Extension, the Effect Extension (EFX), Multi-Channel Buffer playback extension, and a new Device Enumeration extension that allows AL to be rendered on any installed soundcard / audio end-point.
    The SDK includes a new sample application that shows how to use OpenAL to render the output from a software audio mixer into a streaming multi-channel Source and, optionally, several mono’effect bus’ Sources for sending to an auxiliary effect (e.g. reverb).
  • Other OpenAL downloads HERE.

And to be sure your system is OpenAL-ready, just fire up AL Caps Viewer (I like this name 😉 ) :

AL Caps Viewer