Techland: Chrome Engine 4 Video-Demo

Chrome Engine 4

Very nice tech video-demo of the Chrome Engine 4!

Chrome Engine 4 is a complete game development framework developed by Techland (leading Polish computer game developer). Chrome Engine 4 is available for PC, Xbox360 (and shortly Playstation 3). The PC engine is optimized for both DirectX 9 and DirectX 10.

Here is an overview of Chrome Engine 4’s features: high dynamic range (HDR) rendering, support for all modern per-pixel lighting and rendering techniques, anti-lights (I like this term!) which make preparation of obscured places an undemanding task, deferred shading and lighting, soft shadowing, subsurface scattering, virtual displacement mapping (offset, relief and parallax occlusion mapping), realistic water surfaces based on Dynamic Liquid System, Godray effect, b>particle system with particle physics using DX10 Geometry shader acceleration and environmental effects like dust and smoke affected by wind and other forces. I stop the enumeration here. For a complete feature list, grab the Chrome Engine 4 Presentation (PDF).

Guru3D hosts the high quality version of this video HERE.

5 thoughts on “Techland: Chrome Engine 4 Video-Demo”

  1. SimTex

    People are really starting to get up to speed with engine development. Epic and Crytek should be worried.

  2. susheel

    Amazing, simply amazing.

    But I am not surprised. This is going to happen more and more with other engines as well. It’s not as difficult to do these things as it was with older tech and older GPUs.

    DirectX 10 class hardware can really push the level of realism to a whole new level. When it comes to algorithms, most of that stuff has been around for a long time but wasn’t possible in real-time up until now. GPUs today can push enormous amounts of geometry and can deliver pristine results if you know how to combine effects properly. The key thing to understand is how to combine those effects. That too isn’t all that difficult. Google around Nvidia and ATI sites and everything is there.

    Most of the leading engines will be able to deliver similar results 6 to 12 months from now. Most others will catch up very quickly after that.

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  4. Fractal Core

    “Chrome 4 beats the shit out of CRYEngine 3….”

    No, it doesn’t.

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