Underwater Wars: a Video Game with DirectX 10 and PhysX

Underwater Wars

The upcoming video game Underwater Wars will use a Direct3D 10 rendering path as well as NVIDIA PhysX for highly destructible environments. U-WARS is a sci-fi tactical shooter for PC and Xbox360.

Underwater Wars

2 thoughts on “Underwater Wars: a Video Game with DirectX 10 and PhysX”

  1. Mike

    That will be interesting game to watch. The dynamics of fluids can be pretty taxing on a system but very beautiful to watch. I wonder how well they will handle the physics aspect of it without killing the gameplay.

    Definitely one to keep an eye on.

  2. Gamewars

    This is amazing quality!

    I have to see more of it. I’s really beatifull to watch!

    The gameplay is also from a very high level.

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