EVGA Geforce GTX 285 FTW Review

Evga Geforce GTX 285 FTW

PCGHX has done a quick review of the EVGA GeForce GTX 285 FTW (FTW = For The Win). This EVGA’s product is the fastest GeForce GTX 285 on the market and pre-overclocked frequencies almost reach the absolute maximal values.

Here are the features of EVGA’s GeForce GTX 285 FTW:
– GPU: GT200b @ 720MHz (ref=648MHz) / 55nm
– Shader cores: 240 @ 1620MHz (ref=1476MHz)
– Memory: 1024Mb GDDR3 @ 1390MHz (ref=1242MHz) / 512-bit
– 3D APIs: OpenGL 3.1 + Direct3D 10.0

Loudness, cooling and power consumption:

Evga Geforce GTX 285 FTW + FurMark

Especially in the stress test Furmark the fan has to work hard to keep the card cool. It is running at 95 percent and doesn’t leave a big margin for further temperature raises – the noise level reaches 8.7 sone which is quite loud.

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