CUDA Programming: CuPP C++ Framework and ISC 2009 Tutorials (CUDA / OpenCL)

CuPP - CUDA programming

CuPP is a framework that has been developed to ease the integration of NVIDIA CUDA into C++ applications. It enhances CUDA by offering automatic device/host memory management, data structures and a special kernel call semantic, similar to call by reference as it is known from the C++ realm.

Here is an code sample from the examples folder of CuPP archive:

#include "cupp/device.h"
#include "cupp/kernel.h"
#include "kernel_t.h"
using namespace std;
using namespace cupp;
int main() 
  // lets get a simple CUDA device up and running
  device d;

  int i = 42;
  int j = 23;

  dim3 block_dim (1);
  dim3 grid_dim  (1);

  // generate the kernel
  kernel k (get_kernel(), grid_dim, block_dim);

  // call the kernel
  k(d, i, j);

  return EXIT_SUCCESS;

ISC 2009 is the International Conference on Supercomputing (Hamburg, Germany) and here are the slides from a tutorial about CUDA and OpenCL held over there:


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