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DX Studio is a complete integrated development environment for creating interactive 3D graphics. The system comprises of both a real-time 3D engine and a suite of editing tools, and is the first product to offer a complete range of tools in a single IDE.

DX Studio uses a Direct3D 9 based rendering engine and includes the support of physics via NVIDIA PhysX or Bullet. The script language used by DX Studio is the industry standard ECMAScript (otherwise known as JavaScript). For more details about DX Studio features, click HERE.

The main focus for DX Studio 3.1 has been on large environments and the engine now comes with an advanced terrain and shadow mapping system that allows you to create massive seamless outdoor environments (more information HERE).

You can download the full version (but still trial/free) right HERE (92Mb).
The price of the commercial versions vary from 300 euros to 600 euros according to the licence type.

Okay, let’s go for a quick test… I downloaded the large island demo and loaded it in the free version of DX Studio.

Here are some screenshots:






Physics cloth demo

Honestly I expected a nice rendering demo (Crysis-like) with soft shadows, a touch of HDR-ed bloom effect, that would have shown off DX Studio rendering quality. And this island demo is the launching demo of DX Studio 3.1. But, I think I missed to turn on the high quality settings…

Anyway, DX Studio is here, so test it for yourself!


3 thoughts on “DX Studio 3.1 Interactive 3D Graphics IDE”

  1. Reavenk

    My standards could be too high, but I am not a fan of the quality of art they used for their demos. The billboarded patches of grass and the terain texture mipmap borders and wrapping in screenshot 4 just doesn’t do it for me.

    Did the cloth demo have different LOD options? It seems like it should be a lot more tesselated.

  2. HungryGuy

    Man there are some sweet features in there (built in networking/video streaming/browser), I need to have a tinker 🙂 Downloading now…

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