Visit the Most Beautiful Places in the World in 3D with Vizerra


Vizerra is a free (for end users) 3D software (based on the Gamebryo engine)
which enables you to see and interact with 3D models of some of the most beautiful architectural wonders of the world, such as Angkor Wat temple or Macchu Picchu (the place I tested). You can freely move around the virtual model and thoroughly explore it, learning useful information in the process.

Vizerra is based on Gamebryo engine and uses a Direct3D 9 rendering path. Gamebryo includes NVIDIA PhysX that why you need to have the version 9.09.0203 of the runtimes to successfully install Vizerra (and that point sucks because I have ForceWare 185.85 that come with PhysX 9.09.0428).

I downloaded the demo Macchu Picchu (200Mb!) and the only way to download a place is from inside the software. That would be cool to have the possibility to choose the way to download such big files: from the software of via the browser (via a direct link).

The graphics rendering is… basic Direct3D rendering: simple texturing (I think) with baked lighting (nice modeling work anyway):



Sometimes you can see some graphic bugs like this one:


Vizerra offers a nice point of view of some famous places with two modes: walk and fly (I like this one). Maybe (actually it’s sure) some effects such as bump mapping could enhance the graphics experience.

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