TNGViewer Available for 3D Real Time Interactive Presentations


The new version of TNGViewer (there are many explanations in comments!) has been released this night. You can grab your copy here: DOWNLOADS @ TNG 3D.

You can read an excerpt from the changelog HERE. Complete changelog can be read HERE.

TNGViewer is a standalone application for displaying presentations in TNG 3D scene format. Among the features of TNGViewer, there are: opening both local and remote TNG 3D scenes, loading FBX, 3DS, OBJ, DXF, DAE, LWO and LWS scenes and saving movies and images of live presentations.

There is also a TNGPlayer Plugin for all major web browsers.

Remarks to Dario (TNG3D R&D)
1 – I wasn’t able to find the complete changelog (on webiste or in software). I like changelogs.
2 – that would be great to have the possibility to download demos in TNG 3D format for the standalone viewer. I think the post image does not reflect the power of TNGViewer…

5 thoughts on “TNGViewer Available for 3D Real Time Interactive Presentations”

  1. Dario Accornero

    @ JeGX: Thank you for updating the TNGViewer entry on 🙂

    Regarding your questions:

    1. We had never released a changelog so far, mostly because we don’t have any system for publishing changelogs yet. We’ll think about adding a method to view changelogs for future revisions — but we can’t promise anything until we clear this issue with management…

    2. The first time you install TNGViewer a few default entries are added to the “Open Recent” submenu in the File menu; these entries will automatically download and display the publicly-available TNG 3D demos.
    You can also download said demos for local display as zip archives from
    On that page you’ll find a comprehensive archive containing all of the TNG 3D demos, as well as single archives per each demo. The files contained in the archives have the .tngz (TNG Archive) extension, and they can be opened directly in TNG 3D, either by opening them from the File menu or by dropping them on the TNGViewer application icon or window.

    Thanks again,

  2. Dario Accornero

    @ JeGX: I’ve cleared the changelog issue.

    The TNGViewer and TNGPlayer pages on our site now provide links to
    The latter page contains edited changelogs from the last few commit messages; we will update it with each new TNG 3D release. Sensitive information will obviously be left out.

    Thanks and ciao,

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