CryEngine 3 VS CryEngine 2

This video compares the graphics produced by CryEngine 3 running console hardware and CryEngine 2 running on a PC in two flavours: Medium and Very-High.

Verdict: CryEngine 3 running on console hardware is about the same as CryEngine 2 running on medium settings.

3 thoughts on “CryEngine 3 VS CryEngine 2”

  1. FMoreira

    Interesting video, altough it is just not valid since CryEngine3 is still a work-in-progress engine. I can even assure that the CryEngine 3 videos used for comparison are not the render output from the latest build 🙂
    But, as I said, it stills interesting 😉

  2. Mars_999

    Now I just hope CryEngine3 on PC is better than CE2 was….

    Consoles will never have better graphics than PC’s as they are stuck in time with the hardware they were made with. PC will always be upgradeable thank god….

  3. montollo

    The big question here is… Will CE3 allow PC users to crack that baby up to it’s true potential, or will PC gamers get the same inferior detail quality as the console players… that would be a travesty my friends!

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