3D Texture In Real Life?

Xia Xiaowan - Chinese 3D painter

I don’t know if this guy was a graphics developer, but he knows how to use some 3D techniques like 3D textures. Xia Xiaowan is a chinese painter that paints in 3D using layers of glass. So if you need an overview of what 3D texture look like, Xia Xiaowan did it!

Xia Xiaowan - Da Vinci's Sketches
Da Vinci in 3D


3 thoughts on “3D Texture In Real Life?”

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  3. Aubrey

    Oooh! Good call.

    When working on Goo!, I was going to create a 3D brain texture and use the goo’s heightmap to reveal slices of it. Didn’t get around to it, though. Oh well.

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