Interview With The Developers Of The Unigine Engine

Unigine Engine

Denis Shergin, the CEO of Unigine Corp is interviewed by Phoronix. Unigine Corp size is 12 people (including 4 programmers, one designer and one technical artist). The developers use Linux as their primary development plateform. Unigine engine has its own scripting language called UnigineScript, which is an object-oriented fast language with built-in 3D math support.

They plan to use OpenCL for physics simulation and rendering acceleration only if OpenCL performance will be good. In the OpenGL side, the Unigine engine has different code paths for graphics rendering, because the same feature can be implemented differently in ATI / NVIDIA hardware, plus it provides a performance boost. Unigine engine uses a combination of forward and deferred rendering, screen-space ambient occlusion (SSAO) for GI (Global Illumination).

Unigine SDK price is 25,000$ for binary version and 40,000$ for the source code version. Now the dev team are looking at the DirectX 11 support…


3 thoughts on “Interview With The Developers Of The Unigine Engine”

  1. psolord

    Granted, Tropics demo was awesome.

    How about we see some games at some point in time? And i mean from yourselves, not selling the engine and letting someone else do it. They will most likely screw it up!

  2. Simon

    Have anyone actually licensed their engine and used it for any major title? Because I can’t understand how they can use so much time and money on the project if it isn’t used.

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