NVIDIA CUDA 2.2 SDK Available


NVIDIA has released the new version of the CUDA, the SDK for GPU Computing. You can download the SDK here: CUDA Download @ NVIDIA.

New features of CUDA 2.2:

  • Visual Profiler for the GPU: The CUDA Visual Profiler is a graphical tool that enables the profiling of C applications running on the GPU.
  • Improved OpenGL Interop: Delivers improved performance for Medical Imaging and other OpenGL applications running on Quadro GPUs when computing with CUDA and rendering OpenGL graphics functions are performed on different GPUs.
  • Texture from Pitch Linear Memory: Delivers up to 2x bandwidth savings for video processing applications.
  • Zero-copy: Enables streaming media, video transcoding, image processing and signal processing applications to realize significant performance improvements by allowing CUDA functions to read and write directly from pinned system memory.
  • Pinned Shared Sysmem: Enables applications that use multiple GPUs to achieve better performance and use less total system memory by allowing multiple GPUs to access the same data in system memory.
  • Asynchronous memcopy on Vista: Allows applications to realize significant performance improvements by copying memory asynchronously.
  • Hardware Debugger for the GPU: Developers can now use a hardware level debugger on CUDA-enabled GPUs that offers the simplicity of the popular open-source GDB debugger yet enables a developer to easily debug a program that is running 1000s of threads on the GPU.
  • Exclusive Device Mode: This system configuration option allows an application to get exclusive use of a GPU, guaranteeing that 100% of the processing power and memory of the GPU will be dedicated to that application. Multiple applications can still be run concurrently on the system, but only one application can make use of each GPU at a time.