GPUTool 0.0.0: A New Utility With Two Furry Donuts

GPU Tool

GPU Tool - 3D Test

W1zzard has taken advantage of my move (btw, my high speed connexion is still not available so no daily news until I get a serious cnx) to release a concurrent to FurMark 😉

Seriously speaking, W1zzard, the guy behind and GPU-Z has released GPU Tool 0.0.0, an ultra alpha version of a new utility that seems to be the fusion of GPU-Z and FurMark. Here is a thread on TPU forums that compares the temperatures achieved by GPUTool and FurMark: How much load does the GPUTool renderer create?. And in this thread, W1zzard says he’s not sure if he wants GPUTool to be as hard as FurMark which is unrealistically hard!

GPU Tool

GPU Tool

GPU Tool

Anyway, you can rely on Geeks3D to cover the news related to this cool tool. I like the rendering and the choice of colors. I wonder if the lighting is done in realtime or uses a baked texture…

5 thoughts on “GPUTool 0.0.0: A New Utility With Two Furry Donuts”

  1. BlackX

    GPUTool has detected errors but FurMark not.
    So I changed Mem clock from 1008 to 950.
    A great tool!

  2. NewFellow

    There is a shortcut and this tool looks damn fine. All info on screen, small & test with OC sounds just like perfect old ATITool return to show the way.

  3. spoutnik

    the required file to run the test d3dx9_40.exe is detected as suspicious malware by Comodo

  4. Vhozard

    For the record, d3dx9_40.exe is not malware!
    It’s a dll-file, which comes with DirectX components.

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