DirectX11 Allows DirectX10 Hardware to Execute Compute Shader

DirectX 11

DirectX 11 includes different version of compute shaders (CS): 5.0 (for DX11 hardware), 4.1 (for DX10.1 hardware) and 4.0 (for DX10 hardware). CS 4.x have some limitations like a maximun of 768 threads per group (or threads per block in CUDA terminology) or 16Kb for thread group shared memory (shared memory per block in CUDA). If you have a GeForce 8+, you can use GPU Caps Viewer (CUDA panel) to have an overview of these values.

From X-bit labs, CS 5.0 will also offer better interaction with graphics pipeline (e.g., it can output to textures). If I’m not wrong, CUDA or OpenCL have already such an interaction between the compute API and the rendering API (for example using PBOs in CUDA/OpenGL).

Anyway, compute APIs such as CUDA, OpenCL, ATI Stream or DirectX11 Compute Shader be will in the spotlight in the next months.

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2 thoughts on “DirectX11 Allows DirectX10 Hardware to Execute Compute Shader”

  1. arun

    so my nvidia 8600 GT support compute shader 4.0 ??? thanks for the info …

  2. antoine amanieux

    i don’t understand why a gpgu capable graphic card cannot have dx11 features. wasn’t reprogrammability the main purpose of gpgpu ? why ati and nvidia can’t provider dx11 drivers that uses the gpgpu computational possibilities to implement dx11 features. (i am sure a high end dx10 card can run dx11 exclusive new features such as tessellation faster than a dx11 low end card). is it another shameful marketing maneuver to force consumers to buy new hardware all the time ?

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