The Ultimate Gadget for 3D Geeks: NVIDIA G98 Based Keychain!

NVIDIA G98 Keychain

NVIDIA G98 Keychain

Nice idea! Seems NVIDIA has found a way to clear its stock of G98 GPUs: a keychain with a genuine NVIDIA G98 chip inside. You can buy it for $10 HERE.


Update (2009.04.17)

6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Gadget for 3D Geeks: NVIDIA G98 Based Keychain!”

  1. JeGX Post Author

    Tu l’as dit! Deux solutions: soit tu achetes une palette entière, soit tu te dis un porte-clé G98 pour une quinzaine d’euros frais de port compris et du coup ca passe mieux 😉

  2. greg

    j’ai regardé le store et on dirait meme qu’ils ne livrent pas en France :/ , sinon j’en aurais pris un

  3. ziple

    ça fait quelle taille à peu près le machin?

    @ /Marc: they would’nt have been sold anyway, so that’s quite a good solution to clear the stock IMO. By the way, keep in mind that this GPU is so powerful that it would have been used for, well I don’t know, humm displaying images on a screen? Hoa, what a waste of computer power 🙂 …

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