Larrabee Wafer Shooted

Larrabee Wafer

This picture has been taken at IDF2009 (Pekin) and it shows Pat Gelsinger with a wafer of Larrabee. From this picture, some numbers can be extracted: Larrabee die’s surface is around 600mm2 (almost the same surface than NVIDIA’s GT200).
The big size of the die might mean Intel will use a 45nm fabricaton process and not the new 32nm. Number of cores: 48 cores in 45nm ? Or 64 cores in 32nm ? Pat Gelsinger claims Intel will launch the first Larrabee based graphics card at the end of 2009 or early 2010.


One thought on “Larrabee Wafer Shooted”

  1. filip007

    Don’T expect to be any good for DX mybe OpenCL

    This will basically be video decoder with GMA intel integrated i think so.

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