ATI Catalyst 9.4 Graphics Drivers Available NOW!

ATI Catalyst Graphics Driver

ATI has published the April edition of its Catalyst graphics drivers for Radeon based graphics cards. But watch out guys, as written in this news, Catalyst 9.4 does not support no longer old Radeon such as X800 or X1900. The release notes confirm tht fact: only Radeon 2k / 3k / 4k are supported. Catalyst 9.4 includes a new Overdrive auto-tune application to accurately determine the best over-clocked engine and memory values for Radeon 4000 series.


3 thoughts on “ATI Catalyst 9.4 Graphics Drivers Available NOW!”

  1. craig thomson

    9.4 catalyst does not have driver update for windows 7 driver, ccc does not even work.
    After downloading this rellease. 9.4 seems to be my breaking point when comes to ati and there drivers.
    im really thinking of moving over to nvidia, maybe the extra cost of there cards has a reason after all.

  2. HappyBambo

    The Linux drivers are getting better but I was so much happier with nVidia. Catalyst 9.4 is still not available for Linux and the beta driver that works with server 1.6 it’s terrible. (Well 9.3 was not that bad but it does not work with ubuntu 9.04)
    Catalyst 9.2 made me really mad, it was supposed to be an opengl 3.0 driver but even the simplest ogl3 application was causing segmentation fault. It looked like they have released the driver without any testing. Now it seems they are testing the drivers but Linux users have to wait.
    Considering that whole scientific community is using Linux and GPGPU is getting more and more important I think they should spend more man power developing Linux drivers and some OpenCL implementation.

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