Unreal Engine 3: New Features Demonstrated at GDC 2009

5 thoughts on “Unreal Engine 3: New Features Demonstrated at GDC 2009”

  1. Bajaraja

    Cool. Though, it seemed to be more of a GUI enhancement for the Unreal Ed tool.

    I like what they’re doing with light in the game. Like color bleeding, diffuse, ambient emissions, and lightmass. What? Light has mass now? lol. Nice stuff anyway.

    Even though I’ve started using the CryEngine2 (Crysis Sandbox) more, Unreal Engine will still be my favorite…right next to the Source engine.

  2. Bajaraja

    After watching it a few more times I realize that it’s much more than just a cosmetic enhancement. DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING!!! Nice1 Epic!!

    MCP: Master Controller. Cool. Lightmass = Global Illumination. (Oh, now I getz it!)

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