Source Code of Wolfenstein 3D for the iPhone Available

Wolfenstein 3D for iPhone

John Carmack has released the source code of the iPhone version of the famous Wolfenstein 3D video game.

You can grab it here: (10Mb).

Wolfenstein 3D is written in pure C and uses OpenGL for 3D rendering. You can see how id Software uses OpenGL render calls in files such as /wolf3d/newCode/wolf/wolf_opengl.c or /wolf3d/newCode/iphone/iphone_loop.c

The zip file also contains a doc about iPhone Development by John Carmack.

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8 thoughts on “Source Code of Wolfenstein 3D for the iPhone Available”

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  2. iphonydev


    I have download this source code and i tried to run, i got 3 errors related to ” _GLimp_Shutdown, _GLimp_AppActivate”, do u know what is this?

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  4. abii

    Hello guys,

    There is still compile errors related to ” _GLimp_Shutdown, _GLimp_AppActivate”, with ReleaseEpiosde1 configuration. My XCode sdk has sdk from 2.0 to 3.1 . Can you helpe me ?

  5. jayaprakash

    Hi Prabhakar,

    Currently i am doing one game application using Warphing and Morphing an images.If u have any sample source code or ideas please post me my mail id…
    My Mail Id is :

    Thanks in Advance,
    jayaprakash S

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