ATI Catalyst 9.3 Graphics Drivers Available!

ATI Catalyst Graphics Drivers

The March Edition of ATI Catalyst graphics drivers is available. This new release brings Windows 7 support for Radeon 2k / 3k / 4k. Catalyst 9.3 fix somes bugs for OpenGL 3.0 context creation (under WinXP).

New features:

  • ATI Catalyst 9.3 Unified driver for Windows 7 and Windows Vista
  • ATI Catalyst 9.3 Folding@Home performance enhancements
  • ATI Catalyst 9.3 – Windows Vista HDMI audio driver support integrated into all ATI Catalyst 9.3 packages
  • New AMD Display Library (ADL) SDK

AMD Display Library (ADL) SDK is designed to access display driver functionality for all ATI Radeon graphics accelerators and FirePro graphics accelerators. The SDK supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Linux. The SDK can be used from both unmanaged (C/C++) and managed (C#) applications. The ADL SDK is available to the public via the Developer relations site.


And from twitter:

CatalystMaker: @quandtm Yes sir. OGL will be alive and kicking for Catalyst 9.3 on Win 7

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3 thoughts on “ATI Catalyst 9.3 Graphics Drivers Available!”

  1. Steven

    Damn man, they suck with my 4870×2… framerate drops from 39 to 32 in GTA VI (with the crossfire Xtension)

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  3. ssj3mohan

    ahah in GTA 4 with pacth got better.With ATI 9.2 i only get 27.4 or 28.3 FFS .I did the test 3 times.
    Now i get 29.8 with ATI 9.3 .
    The FFS is a little a bit high ,but the diference is on low FFS (the FFS drop a little )
    EX:when i start the load game on GTA on the fisrt apartament ,when i down the sters the FFS drop from 60 FFS to 30 and from 30 FFS to 20 FFS on hotdog´s man.Now with ATI 9.3 the FFS sustent 40 FFS and drop down to 23 FFS on hotdog´s man .
    The language of this new Driver is better (easily for processors).

    Myc is: motherboard-M3A78-EM …Videocard..Powercolor HD4870PCS+ 512 ram…Processor…AMD 5600+ (overclocked to 3080GHZ). Memory…Kingstone 800 with 6Gb at all. Powersupply …OCZ 850w (90% eficient)…HD sangsung..750Gb…

    MY pc is very waekly of processor…but here i can feel the diference.

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