CausticOne + CausticGL = Real Time Ray Tracing

CausticRT Platform

Audi R8: CausticRT Platform
Audi R8: raytracing accelerated by CausticRT

I was disconnected from the matrix during few days and in this short lapse of time, a company called Caustic Graphics published some information about its new technology that is able to do real time ray tracing using a dedicated hardware, the CausticOne,
and a touch of OpenGL: CausticGL.

The sum of CauticOne and CausticGL gives CausticRT.

CausticOne is a raytracing graphics accelerator card that enables your CPU/GPU to render 3D imagery 20x faster than it can today. From what I understand, it’s a bit like Ageia PhysX PPU, it’s a card that performs ray tracing computations and the developer can fetch the results (via an API, CauticGL) and send them to the GPU (NVIDIA or ATI).


In its side, CausticGL is the API between your application and the CausticOne hardware.


Question: who will acquire this startup in the next months? NVIDIA?, ATI?, Intel? Wait and see…

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5 thoughts on “CausticOne + CausticGL = Real Time Ray Tracing”

  1. psolord

    Interesting technology. As the article writer wonders, i certainly hope that they can keep the technology for themselves and don’t sell it to anyone. A little pride over a lot of money is not a bad thing from time to time, just for a change!

    The last thing that PC industry needs right now, is three players edging each other in different areas. We will not know what to buy.

    It is in times like this, that you thank God that PimpSoft exists, and enforces various standards.

  2. DenBarr

    Intel will probably it up and either integrate it into larabee or eradicate the technology.

    If either ATI or Nvidia got it, it probably completely unbalance the market to possessor side.

    It would be in the best interest for everyone if remained independent, anyway the company would only be worth it’s best after it refined the tech to be more seemless with the way it works with the other Rendering technologies out there.

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  5. neo3d

    Octane render application. It’s fast with cuda and you just need a nvidia card.

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