ATI Catalyst 9.4 Will not Support Old Video Cards Like Radeon X1900

ATI Catalyst Graphics Drivers

A rumor claims that the next ATI Catalyst 9.4 will drop the support of old graphics card like the Radeon X1900, X 1800, or X800 and even the venerable Radeon 9700 Pro:

Radeon 9700 Pro
My old Radeon 9700 Pro…

Humm… what these cards have in common ? They don’t support the Unified Architecture of shader processors. If NVIDIA follows the same path, all GeForce 5/6/7 will not be supported in the future Forceware. I hope no!

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7 thoughts on “ATI Catalyst 9.4 Will not Support Old Video Cards Like Radeon X1900”

  1. blend

    Ahhh!… My X550 won’t be supported anymore…
    But I hope it will let AMD optimize a bit their drivers.

  2. Directx 11 & 10 (Subject)

    Ahh, well its just a sign of the inevitable, march of hardware. When Directx 11 is released with Windows 7, you can all say goodbye to that DX10/DX9 hardware as well… (I hate Microsoft for forcing yet another Directx version on us. So much for that Radeon 4870 or Geforce 280 you just brought four months ago.) To Bad Directx 10 delivers little innovation.

    If Microsoft were smart they would make Directx 10 Shader Model 4 Graphics cards completly backwards compatible with the upcoming Directx 11. It stinks that we have to upgrade, yet again just so that we can enjoy Shader Model, 5 effects.

  3. arun

    hey directx 11 is compatible with directx 10 hardware … windows vista supports directx 11 …. some of the features of directx 11 are backwards compatible with directx 9 hardware ….well if u want to play with shader model 5 then u have to get directx 11 graphic card …. well it will take a long time for game developers to design a game on shader model 5 .. infact most of the todays game is shader model 3 … no proper game has come with full directx 10 support save few…

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  5. Itzamna

    If you don’t like the way how Microsoft ‘forces’ newer versions of DirectX 11 on you, just switch to Linux. You’re only in the Microsoft upgrade/bug”fix” treadmill because you choose to be!

  6. Tylerhw

    Actually, driver-wise, you’re stuck with using at the newest Ubuntu 8.10 or a similar distro because they’ve dropped support in fglrx Catalyst 9.4/5 on linux as well. So either way you’re stuck in this vicious cycle.

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