LithUnwrap: Free UV Mapper for Windows

LithUnwrap - Free UV Mapper for Windows

LithUnwrap is a free, easy-to-use, Windows tool for mapping and editing the UV coordinates of low poly 3D models.


LithUnwrap main features:

  • OpenGL 3D model viewer
  • Easy to use UV coordinate editor
  • UV maps get updated in real-time
  • Assign materials per face to objects
  • Pan and zoom in UV mapping space
  • Export UV maps to high resolution bitmaps
  • Polygonal and rectangle selection tools
  • Assign diffuse and opacity texture maps to materials
  • Decal, planar, box, cylindrical, and spherical UV mapping
  • Distortion free UV maps using detached face mapping
  • Import/export LWO, OBJ, DXF, 3DS, ASC, COB, and X files
  • Import many popular game file formats
  • Import textures in BMP, TGA, JPG, PCX, DDS, TEX, OGF, LIF, MAT and RSB formats
  • Create plane, box, cone, cylinder, sphere, geosphere, pyramid, prism, tube, torus, and 3D text primitives
  • Includes a basic set of 3D modelling tools: moving, scaling, rotating, subdividing, aligning, extruding, bevelling, flipping, tapering, twisting, flattening, mirroring, triangulating, and untriangulating
  • Runs under Win 95/98/ME/2K/XP (OpenGL on NT w/SP4)

A commercial version with more features is available HERE.