Graphics Cards Power Consumption: GeForce GTX 295, Radeon HD 4870 X2 and FurMark

Graphics Cards Power Consumption with FurMark

PCGH has updated its article about graphics cards power consumption. This time PCGH’s lab test used a PCI Express bus extender to take more precise power measures:

PCI Express Bus Isolation Extender

Thanks to this bus extender, they managed to read the real power required by the graphics cards under loading with FurMark:
– GeForce GTX 295: 313 Watts
– Radeon HD 4870 X2: 369 Watts

The guys over at HardTecs4U have done the same kind of measures some weeks ago in a 36-page article: Power consumption of current graphics cards. They also used FurMark (the bad boy as they call it – funny!) in their tests: Power Consumption: Picking the right load,
Excursus: HD 4870 – Voltage Regulator Problem. And from this page:

Our measurements show clearly that the TDP-values shared with the press are exceeded noticeably in many cases while using FurMark as load. Manufacturers like AMD and NVIDIA couldn´t know that a tool like FurMark appears? Thats true. They couldn´t know that such a tool appears in the public. But one ought not have lost sight of the fact that the manufacturers – or better their engineers – know better than anybody else how to put a maximum load to their own hardware. The programmer of FurMark might have had an good idea how to stress the hardware, but it’s safe to assume that the manufacturers know how to stress their hardware at least the same way (and probably even more).

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