6 thoughts on “CryENGINE 2 Ultra Realistic Screenshots”

  1. Locobox

    I would really like to know the polycount and technique used to achieve such realtime realism!!! Impressive!!!


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  3. Slink

    Srsly, I just got linked here from the OCN, and I’m trying to figure out if there are some tweaks/modifications to Crysis. Brilliant programming from Crytek, btw. Beats the pants off of that crummy “Dunia” engine. Ugh, I hate Ubisoft Montreal’s buggy garbage… (Far Cry 2 is a guilty pleasure. 😡 )

    Does anyone know if these are standard DX10 rendering in Crysis?

  4. poloboo

    all of these shots are DX10 realtime shots taken in the game…. you can even get some tweaks which make it look better than this!!!…..

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