Thermalright Does Not Like FurMark…

From this this post on Expreview Forums, we learn that some users wrote to Thermalright because VRM (voltage regulator module) temperature is too high when using FurMark… and the HR-03 GTX bundled VRM heatsink is useless. Thermalright reply said that FurMark is not a normal application and they recommend ATITool (thanks Jeff for your help in the translation!). I published in this post a comment from Thermalright lab tests.

And from this news Thermalright seems to claim that FurMark’s temperatures are wrong… and blabla and re-blabla!

The next version of FurMark will have an improved GPU temperature reading system so this last affirmation will be definitively wrong. Currently I have a lot to do with my main demoniacWare so you have to wait a little bit for the next version of FurMark.

Ok so now, the anti-FurMark league (pressure group is better…) has two members: AMD/ATI and Thermalright 😀

I like this kind of funny stories we can find over the Net 😉

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2 thoughts on “Thermalright Does Not Like FurMark…”

  1. adamf

    This is no lie. I have a HR-03 GTX. It died driving a CRT at 150hz during gaming sessions. The VRM just gets too hot when the card is driving the framebuffer hard. To be fair even the stock sink has problems. I blame Nvidia.

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