Feedburner Feeds Moved to Google!

I can’t believe it: 27 readers displayed on Geeks3D’s feedburner counter. Last week, there were about 600 readers. Why?

Because the Geeks3D OLD feed (the one you use so far)
has been moved to Google: Geeks3D NEW feed. And few minutes ago, I activated / confirmed the feed redirection in my feedburner account. After what, Google kindly displayed this message:

You will no longer be able to sign in to feedburner.com. From now on, you may now view and manage your feeds by visiting:
Your old FeedBurner feeds (at feeds.feedburner.com) will automatically redirect traffic to their new addresses on the feeds2.feedburner.com domain. All of your feeds have been moved into your Google Account, along with your traffic stats. If you see “0” for the most recent day, don’t panic! It may take up to a week for a feed’s full dose of stats to appear in your Google Account.

Then if you manage your feeds with feedburner, it’s urgent to confirm the redirection.

Now wait and see if the feedburner counter returns to a normal value in the next days…

Dear readers, please do not forget to update your rss reader with Geeks3D’s new feed link:

Geeks3D RSS Feed

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3 thoughts on “Feedburner Feeds Moved to Google!”

  1. greg

    i don’t see the point of adding the new feed to my reader, the msg from google makes me think http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheGeeksOf3d (old feed) still works and will keep working

    if i do what you suggest (using a new feed url) for all the sites who do the same as you did then it’s going to mess my google reader deeply:
    – i’ll have the rss items in double as both the two feeds still work
    – i don’t want to suppress the old feed from the reader as i flagged and shared items; i certainly don’t want to review the new feed and check/share the items again before suppressing the old feed

  2. JeGX Post Author

    Actually I think because I confirmed the feed redirection in feedburner, the old feed is still valid but for how much time? Anyway, Geeks3D rss feed is ok and that’s the most important 😉

  3. greg

    well the old feed works just fine
    now i have items in double 🙂

    i think i’ll remove the new feed contrary to what you suggested because i already shared and flagged items in google reader

    as i said, removing the old feed will make me lose everything

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