ATI Catalyst 9.2 Available NOW!

ATI Catalyst graphics driver

Yep my friends, this time ATI has managed to release its set of graphics drivers before the end of the month 😉 More seriously, this is a good thing for all Radeon owners. From the release notes, this driver seems to be more a bugfix release than a driver with new features. And still in the release notes, we can see this bugfix:

  • Creating any type of an OpenGL 3.0 context (normal or forward compatible)
    and then requesting the version string no longer causes the driver to stop

Yeah, ATI has fixed one of the the nasty bugs that made FurMark to crash. What am I talking about? Just read HERE and HERE in case you missed the story. In a word, glGetString(GL_VERSION) works now with an OpenGL 3.0 context. Currently I don’t have access to a radeon so I can’t test this new Catalyst but I’ll do it asap!

Downloads links:

3 thoughts on “ATI Catalyst 9.2 Available NOW!”

  1. Fidora

    There are 3 new OpenGl extensions in 9.2:

    But the reported GLSL version is still 1.20…

  2. JeGX Post Author

    ah cool, thanks for the info.
    WGL_AMDX_gpu_association seems to be the same thing that NVIDIA’s WGL_NV_gpu_affinity… That would be cool.

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