ATI CrossFire Xtension v1.0

ATI Crossfire Xtension

ATI CrossFire Xtension seems to be a cool utility. It allows you to create custom profiles that will force CrossFire (ATI multi-GPU solution) support on non-supported, or new, games and applications, both for Direct3D and OpenGL.

If you have the opportunity to test it with FurMark, please post a comment.

You can download this tool here:


9 thoughts on “ATI CrossFire Xtension v1.0”

  1. Psolord

    This util is great! Dudes you should really make some more noise about it. I certainly will!

    Furmark actually runs slower but Fear 2 demo runs like hell with this util! It will surely come handy from time to time! Kudos to the creator of this nifty program!

  2. tb

    This utility simply automaticly renames the EXE file of a game to “crysis” for “Direct3D Mode” or “etqw” for “OpenGL Mode”. This could cause rendering errors, but it may be worth a try.

  3. eliotbdr

    I’m sorry to announce that i will get the same results with and without with the furmark bench, with a 4870 X2.

    Sorry but great intention!

    Best regards

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  5. mah0ny

    Nice util!

    My only prob is i can’t save the added entries! everytime i start that prog i hav’a add all the games again..

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